About Us

About Us

Orbis FX is an educational Forex platform that enables you to see how real forex trades are executed and managed using tested strategies and risk management with verifiable live results.

Orbis FX is a worldwide company with many investors and entrepreneurs focused on us. We are a team of marketers, product designers and analysts, reuniting our talents and wealth of knowledge to develop an innovative and profitable service for forex trading.

By becoming a member of Orbis FX you will witness strategies including entries, exits, stop loss, take profit positioning and trailing stop loss strategy.

How FX Trading works

Trading forex involves the buying of one currency and simultaneous selling of another. In forex, traders attempt to profit by buying and selling currencies by actively speculating on the direction currencies are likely to take in the future.

What Makes Us Unique

  • ONLY £10 per month service connection fees (vps included)
  • Set and Forget
  • NO experience needed
  • Experienced in house traders
What Makes Us Unique

Our in-house forex team use a number of different trading strategies, which are applied to suit different market conditions. Which include but are not limited to scalping, day trading and swing trading. In-house strategies use various different Timeframes to include d1, H4, H1 and M15.

The in-house trading team will trade many different currency pairs to dilute exposure to the market whilst maximising profit potential. We will cover the London, New York and the Asian session.

The team

The founders of Orbis FX are an experienced team of forex traders and internet marketers. Combining their skills and experiences, have now bought the forex market accessible to everybody with a view to leverage their experiences and skills so the ordinary person can profit from the forex market.

Having seen many people struggle to try and make a profit from the forex markets we came together to help people gain their confidence back and experience a passive income from the financial markets like no other.

We are dedicated to making this the best foreign exchange experience for all.

Trader Service

Trader Service -

  • Monthly profit split on 70%/30%
  • Share the success with our 1 level affiliate plan
  • 5% commissions paid monthly as rewards
  • Low startup cost (minimum £200)
  • Passive Income

Get Connected in Three Simple Steps

  • Broker Account - Ensure you have your broker account funded and ready for use.
  • Register – Complete the online registration form and make payment.
  • Connection - Once your £10 connection fee has been received your account will be connected to our hosting software you will receive a confirmation email and you will begin to enjoy the benefits of our trading service.
Get Connected in Three Simple Steps

Our Goal

Our goal is to give success to the people.

Our aim is to make foreign exchange trading accessible to all users regardless of location, investment, technical knowledge or experience.

We take highly sophisticated investment strategies that, take away the guesswork and executes transactions automatically on your behalf. You just have to review your balance and manage your profits.

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide our community with products to help them build their wealth and reach financial independence and prosperity.

Contact Us

Thank you for choosing Orbis FX. You can contact us at support@orbix-fx.com

When you win we win!!